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RM engineers is supplying rebar couplers to construction sites as an alternative to traditional lap splicing. We have state of the art manufacturing facility in Industrial Model Town Faridabad.

Company is managed by technocrats and managerial young entrepreneurs, with a vision to deliver the best quality product at lowest prices and serve on time.

rebar coupler
rebar coupler

Our Products

Our product range is used for infrastructure, residential and commercial constructions
We are providing high quality product & excellent services is one of our top priority,
we strive to adhere to the most stringent group quality policies

Why Couplers ?

Rebar couplers have been used as a method of splicing reinforcing bars for many years there are multiple reasons

Lap splicing relied on the concrete around it to transfer the load. however Mechanical splicing is superior in its load transfer as it creates a direct mechanical connection between two bars that gives same strength as a continuous bar

The rules for lapsplicing are not applicable to mechanical splices it gives freedom to contractor to use mechanical splices in areas where lapping is not allowed.

Mechanical Splicing improves durability, fatigue and vibration resistant structure. Rebar couplers reduces consumption of steel saves money, reduction of steel weights reduces Co2 emissions as well. Use of rebar couplers is first step towards a green building.

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